Flash Player Caching

The Flash Player cache is a new feature available in Flash Player 9 update 3 and above. The cache allows files signed by Adobe to be cached by Flash Player. These files end with the file extension .swz

Flash player caching differs from the browser cache in a slight way-

  • The cached SWZ files can be reused in more than one domain and not limited to the domain in which they were originated.
  • The SWZ files persist indefinitely, even after the browser is closed.
  • The storage location and management is different

Flex and Flash Player Cache

Flex 3 is the first technology to take advantage of Flash Player cache. In Flex 3 the framework library code is rolled into Runtime Shared Libraries (RSL). An RSL can be either SWZ(signed) or SWF(unsigned) and loaded at runtime instead of statically linked.


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