Resume download using .part file in mozilla


So by the time my file is getting downloaded, Thought of writing a small trick that I found out. We all might have faced a situation where we download a file and after 90% the download breaks saying that the source is not accessible [obviously because of internet link  failure], then thinking of downloading that file is like waste of time.

Here is what you can do, the next time something like this happens to you:

  • Go to the downloads folder [or the folder where you downloaded the file to]
  • Copy both file and its .part file to some different folder say temp_dir
  • From your browser go to the download link again and download the same file.
  • After it downloads few bytes, just pause the download
  • Copy the file and .part  from the temp_dir folder
  • Replace the current downloaded file and .parts with the copied ones.
  • Done ! the file will resume from 90% 😉

Enjoy !


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