Installing WordPress in Windows


So here is all that you need to have in your plate before you start configuring:

Apache 2.* [I did it using 2.2] : The best part while installing apache is you actually don’t need to get the binary distribution of it and extract and do all that class path settings. you simply need the msi installer readily available at I would recommend you not go for the beta releases. Download and install in the drive you have write permission. I assume it to be ‘d:\apps\apache

MySql 5.*: I have not done the manual installation for this, because I already have that installed in my local machine. But I think it won’t be a rocket science to do that. It is available at

PHP5 : The msi installer for php is of no use, it tries to install some services in the system and which is not allowed in my system. So I downloaded the binary distribution. A word of caution don’t download VC9, as it is mentioned in the site, because it is not supported by apache binaries. download VC6 here is the link

WordPress: The binary files for it is available at dowload the latest version, it comes as a zip file.


Step 1: First thing we need to do is to configure php in apache. Extract it to a directory that you have write access to. for example ‘d:\apps\php

Step2. Configure apache httpd.conf – find this file under ‘d:\apps\apache\conf‘, open it with a wordpad/notepad.

1. Find the section which has lines like these LoadModule <module_name> “path\to\dll”. At the end of this section just add one more line:

LoadModule php5_module “D:/apps/php/php5apache2_2.dll”

2. Find for <IfModule mime_module> and in the tag just before it ends add this line

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

3. At the end of the file just add these lines

PHPIniDir “D:/apps/php”

Step 3 : Configure php: goto ‘d:\apps\php\’ and find for a file php-production.ini and rename it to php.ini

1.Add php to the path:

  • Right click MyComputer and click properties, you’ll get a dialog box
  • Go to advanced tab in the dialog box and click on Environment Variables
  • In the User variables section create a PATH variable ( if it isn’t there already)
  • Assign the variable value to the path of php i.e. ‘D:\apps\php’

2. Find for extension_dir or ext_dir and change it to something like this:

extension_dir=’D:/apps/php/ext’ or ext_dir=’D:/apps/php/ext’

3. Configure it to use MySql :  I assume you have MySql installed already.

  • Find uncomment extension=php_mysql.dll & extension=php_mysqli.dll
  • Depending upon whether you have MYSQLi or MYSQL find the squared bracketed tag of the same and uncomment and assign the required properties like default_host.

Step4. Create the user and database for wordpress- create empty database and grant the access to a user as you will be needing these values while configuring wordpress

Step5. Configure WordPress: This is pretty Simple

1. Extract wordpress to ‘D:\apps\apache\htdocs

2. Rename the file wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php, Open the file using text-editor

3. Fill the define() methods accordingly

Restart the server ‘D:\apps\apache\bin\httpd.exe’

I Think you are done now ! Enjoy


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